A locally owned and operated business,
offering safe & affordable transportation
to Durham and the surrounding area

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To make a booking, please call or text 919-949-8774.

Online and mobile booking coming soon...

Learn About Us

A Designated Driver is a local startup, owned and operated out of Durham, NC. We offer private shuttle services to the Triangle and surrounding areas at taxi service prices.

At the moment A.D.D. only offers basic shuttle and airport services. Please check back soon as we expand out service offerings.

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Got Facebook? Twitter? smoke signals? We will have more ways to connect soon - and we want to hear from you! Feel free to contact us with your suggestions.

Ever been dissatisfied with your taxi service?

Meet A Designated Driver.

Started by a former cab driver, A.D.D. of North Carolina is setting out to redefine shuttle services. Personable, prompt, and dependable, A.D.D. offers a customer-centered approach to transportation, so you never have to worry or wonder about your ride.

Message from Redd
Founder and owner

“Welcome to A Designated Driver. After years of disappointing taxi driving, I started this organization to get you the best. You want impersonal, unreliable, expensive? Call a taxi. You want quality? Call A Designated Driver.”